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GE Homespring - the Whole House Water Purifier

How safe is the water is your ice is made from?

Clean water is a critical resource and nowhere is that more true than in the Caribbean. Many islands do not have city water distribution and rely on rainwater or trucked water, and even when there is piped water, the quality can be very questionable. The combination of poor purifaction facilities, inadequate storage, testing facilities and standards combined with tropical temperatures can result in water supplies that are dangerous to public health, especially to the elderly and immune deficient, and to visitors not used to our bugs. While bottled water may be used for drinking, this does not solve the problem of taking showers, brushing teeth, washing dishes and ice-making. Even if you or you children do not drink the water in the shower, the fine particles in the spray will be breathed into your lungs where you have less protection against organisms.

The GE Homespring is a whole house water purification system that can only be installed by GE certified installers and must be inspected and maintained at least annualy, to assure the homeowner or hospitality customers of safe clean water throughout.

Villa owners can increase their revenue by marketing "Whole House Clean Water and retaurants can provide table water without the cost of buying bottled water while reducing the use of plastic bottles"

How Homespring Works

Certral Water Purification Treatment Steps

Whether your home is supplied by ground water (well or cistern), surface water (lake or river) or municipal water (city or town); a Homespring Central Water Purifier will provide "Crystal clear water from every tap".

The Homespring Central Water Purifier physically blocks out contaminants like bacteria, parasites and viruses as the water enters your home (please see certification and testing data for more information). This shift towards 'point of entry' water filtration ensures that your entire home is supplied with cleaner, safer and better tasting water.

The System consistently provides clean, filtered water for all of your cleaning, cooking, washing and drinking needs; while automatically flushing unwanted contaminants and particles down the drain.

GE's Ultrafiltration Membrane

The Homespring Central Water Purifier uses thousands of GE's ultrafiltration hollow fibre membrane strands. Each membrane strand contains billions of microscopic pores. Household water pressure pushes water molecules through these pores towards the hollow center of the membrane, while blocking out larger contaminants such as bacteria, parasites and viruses (please see certification and testing data for more information). Filtered water then flows through each fibre and is distributed to every household fixture.

Unwanted particles and micro-organisms are then flushed out of the System during the automatic cleaning cycle.

Ultrafiltration Membrane Pores

Pore Size

Due to the small pore size, particles that are too large to pass through are physically blocked out, while dissolved salts and essential minerals freely pass through.

The Homespring Central Water Purifier effectively blocks and removes particles larger than 0.02 microns nominal from your water supply.

Ultrafiltration Membrane Filtration

Carbon Filter


The Homespring Central Water Purifier Prefilter removes large particles from source water to protect and extend the life of the system.

The filter can be used on municipal water sources to reduce unwanted tastes and odors associated with aesthetic chlorine. This Prefilter utilizes the surface area of small granules to bind and contain trace chemicals, keeping them from entering your water supply. One teaspoon of granular Activated Carbon has a surface area equivalent to that of a football field.

The stainless steel mesh filter can be used on water sources as a final guard for the Membrane Module against large particles. This reusable filter is used in installations where activated carbon is not required.

Comet Systems is a GE Certified Homespring installation company and can supply, install and maintain your Homespring unit. As we are Caribbean based, your maintenance costs are reduced and help is close at hand in the event of a problem.

Beware of purchasing Homespring units in other regions for use in the Caribbean, you may not be able to receive warranty and maintenance from the manufacturer

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It is really the peace of mind that we enjoy so much because of Homespring. We no longer worry about the bird droppings, rusts, mould sitting on our roof that cause bacteria, and harmful germs to grow in our water and affect our health. Homespring creates us a healthy environment where safe, healthy and great tasting water is accessible throughout our whole home. Our daughters now would ask for water instead of coke and our guests frequently rave about the smooth, pure taste of our water. Wed prefer to carry a bottle of our own water to work now, because we notice the big difference of how much better our water at home tastes compared to the town water.
Craig & Jose Barrow